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The Beacon

The Beacon is an independent, non-for profit organization that has been set up in December 2019. It has been established by six large organizations, the founding partners of The Beacon: the City of Antwerp, the Port of AntwerpLantisUniversity of AntwerpAgoria and Imec. Their shared ambition: a platform that catalyzes innovation among these six organizations, that strengthens the ties with technology companies, and that has a physical presence in Antwerp.

Since its inception, The Beacon has evolved into a dynamic community of innovative digital companies, all looking to provide solutions to solve the challenges of our cities, ports and industries

The Beacon's mission is to create an environment that fosters collaboration. It’s a platform where state-of-the-art technology companies meet, connect, collaborate and get inspired. In the physical, as well as in the virtual realm.

To reach out goals, we have defined a clear and tangible set of services and benefits: 

  • CONNECT: The Beacon expands your horizon and network by providing high-level quality contacts with its founding partners and members.
  • ACT: The Beacon organizes 30+ events a year, all revolving around the application of digital technology in port, city and industry.
  • WORK: The Beacon's headquarters provide 9.000m² of meeting, working and event spaces dedicated to its members. A true beacon to foster collaboration in the physical world. 
Meet the team

The Beacon team

Abdenbi Mastour

Head of Facility

Abdenbi "Abden" is the silent worker bee of our clubhouse. He's the one who fuels our residents (with coffee), keeps all meeting rooms and kitchens spotless and operational, and makes sure that everything's set up for your event. You can spot him running through the corridors at the clubhouse, always smiling and joking!

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Michaël Geelhand de Merxem

General Manager

A firm believer in the power of collaboration, openness and unconditional help, You call, I listen. High-energy, with the Mamba Mentality at heart: confidence, focus and relentless efforts will lead The Beacon to exceed expectations.

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The Beacon board

Erica Caluwaerts

Vice-Mayor for Innovation, City of Antwerp

Piet Opstaele

Innovation Lead, Port of Antwerp

Danny Goderis

Head of Digital, Agoria

Jana Deforche

Executive Director, Design Sciences Hub, University of Antwerp

Wim De Waele

Executive Chairman

Ludo Deferm

Executive VP, Imec

Luc Hellemans

CEO, Lantis

Anneleen Vander Elstraeten

Managing Partner, Four & Five

Koen Matthijs

Chief Division Officer, Nemetschek Group