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Agoria paves the way for all technologically inspired companies in Belgium that strive for progress based on the development and application of innovations. More than 1,900 strong technology companies are members of Agoria. In a society in which technology contributes towards improving the quality of life, you can count on Agoria to connect everyone who is inspired by technology, increase the success of companies and plan for a sustainable future.
Headquartered in Leuven (Belgium) and with research sites across Belgium, in the Netherlands, Taiwan and the USA, an rep offices in China and Japan, imec leverages its state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure and its team of about 4,000 expert scientists, to drive open innovation across the globe. They unite world-industry leaders, Flanders-based and international companies, start-ups, and academia and knowledge centers, for R&D in nano-electronics and digital technologies, including advanced semiconductor scaling, silicon photonics, smart health, smart energy, smart mobility and smart cities solutions, artificial intelligence, beyond-5G and sensing technologies and more.
Commissioned by the Flemish government, Lantis is building connections that make the city and region flourish. Lantis is responsible for the realisation of the Oosterweel connection, which will increase prosperity and improve the quality of life. Lantis is contributing to this by promoting mobility, including the construction of numerous bicycle connections and multimodal junctions on the city outskirts of Antwerp.
As Europe’s second-largest port and largest integrated chemical cluster, the Port of Antwerp is a major lifeline for the Belgian economy: annually around 238 million tonnes of international maritime freight are handled. The Port of Antwerp accounts, directly and indirectly, for a total of around 143.000 jobs and more than €20 billion added value.
The city of Antwerp welcomes businesses, researchers, citizens and city officials to experiment with smart technologies that aim to make urban life more enjoyable and sustainable. Antwerp is a living lab where solutions are tested and co-created with its inhabitants. The city is home to highly innovative businesses and with 171 nationalities that live in Antwerp, it is above all a very diverse, and international city. The Ecosystem in Antwerp is developing rapidly, over the past years the amount of start-ups and scaleups in Antwerp doubled.
The University of Antwerp is a research university where pioneering, innovative research is conducted at an international level. Research and education are closely linked, with 20,000 students and 6000 staff spread across our nine faculties. As a driving force in the Antwerp innovation ecosystem, innovation is a constant focus.
Service Integrator in Track & Trace solutions.
Aloxy offers reliable industrial Internet of Things solutions tailored to the needs of the chemical, oil and gas and other process industries. Our technology makes assets smart and allows to automate processes further and deliver actionable insights into industrial operations.
Anyways builds advanced web-based solutions related to mobility and traffic. They have a very advanced and feature-rich route planning solution, including intermodal route planning, bike sharing, and P+R routing.
Atos delivers, manages and secures the full IoT value chain from connected devices to edge computing to the datacenter.
Bagaar is the internet of things agency. They help companies stay relevant in times of digital shift. They use creative thinking and innovative technology to achieve this.
BASIL enables businesses to leverage any on-premise data, wherever it is located.
BDO Digital provides the business intelligence to translate IoT data into real business value through Advanced analytics and AI as part of a broader IoT partner ecosystem. They provide solutions for Industry 4.0, Transportation & Logistics, Construction and Smart Cities.
Bopro – a company regulated by the RICS [Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors] – manages your most complex real estate and building projects, and is responsible for achieving your objectives in terms of sustainability, quality, timing and budget. As an independent partner in the project team, they defend your interests at all times.
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Cegeka is a European family-owned IT company. Their IT experts provide end-to-end IT solutions, services & consultancy In Close Cooperation with their clients.
CenEnergy provides smart charging solutions and all related services to optimize e-mobility. Their purpose is to contribute to ecological, economical en social sustainability.
e-commerce excellence for B2B logistics
Citymesh is a Belgian telecom operator, specialized in the rollout of large-scale wireless networks (based on WiFi and private LTE).
Cloudrunner.AI aims at improving the clients’ decision making proces by offering unmanned data acquisition & professional data processing in a fast, safe and cost friendly way.
Energy Management for industrial sites
Cubitec is an agile tech start-up from Antwerp. They build innovative technology platforms and develop tailor-made software solutions. Cubitec is a software agency that connects digital systems and unlocks the power of your data.
Data Minded helps companies to solve their business challenges by providing actionable insights to their data. We aim to build a trust-based relationship with our clients. Data Minded is a group of professionals working in the area of Data Science, Big Data and Software Engineering. We have a strong academic background and years of experience in the field.
De Lijn offers sustainable public transport solutions.
Deloitte Legal offers expert advice in the fields of banking & finance, commercial, corporate/M&A, employment, IT/IP, public/administrative, insolvency and reorganisations, real estate, EU law, tax law and dispute resolution.

Whenever required to ensure a seamless and comprehensive high-quality service, Deloitte Legal collaborates closely with other professions (e.g. tax, financial advisory, accountancy, consulting), and with a select group of law firms all over the world.
DIGI-FLOW focuses on supporting complete end-to-end industrial transformations. They stand for Engineering, Consulting and Solutions. From Industry to Smart Industry (4.0) by enriching existing platforms with various new technologies including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,…
Dockflow reinvents trade for the digital era. They strive for a transition from traditional supply chains to interconnected sets of agile and dynamic trade networks.
DSP Valley nurtures digital business development, a network for companies creating, applying, and adapting to electronic solutions and digital technologies.
e-BO Enterprises (founded in 2000, 100 FTE, 20 Mio€ revenue) is an industrial partner for IT and OT Services in selective corporate and institutional markets. The portfolio of services covers the full stack from connectivity, security and networking to the application level. The tailored solutions are designed and built with off the shelf components integrated with added value services, based on their own developed software and hardware components.

Today, e-BO is active as a supplier of highly secured private LTE, Wifi & BLE network services in a European context, mostly for offshore wind energy farms but also emergency response situations for public safety services like police, firefighting and justice departments.
Edgise is an agile engineering team combining the world of AI and electronics. They design AI and hardware to enable realtime intelligent algorithms in the field, elevating the next generation of your hardware product to unprecedented heights.
EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.
ENGIE Fabricom designs, builds and maintains multi-technical facilities for companies and local authorities.
Faktion empowers organizations by operationalizing artificial intelligence.
Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent is an independent fire safety consultancy that offers ready-to-use technical solutions. FESG is a spin-off from UGent and specialises in buildings, car parks, industry, tunnels and training.

FESG audits, checks building plans, risk analysis, design, detailed design, cost-benefit optimisations, and follow-up of the works up to completion and certification.
Flow Pilots is a Belgian company, founded in 2011 and specialized in the development of user-centric and mobile applications. Their team brings together creative, technical and business people. At Flow Pilots, they believe that the smart use of smart digital technologies will be a keydriver in the success of modern companies. That is why they don’t just develop apps. They carefully design, build, deploy and manage the digital tools that help customers increase revenues, decrease costs or bring freedom and flexibility to their employees.
Future Marketing Agency has the necessary technological and strategic expertise to bring companies to a higher level regarding growth hacking, internet marketing, chatbots, mobile wallet & beacons. They also work on social media marketing, training & education, consulting and real-estate growth hacking.
Generate is a Sino-Belgian solar system distributor. They distribute solar modules/ panels, inverters, energy storage batteries; charging stations.
Location is everywhere. GIM solutions provide companies, authorities and NGOs with clear insights to support their activities and future plans.
Geosparc supports cities, towns and businesses towards effective, smart and supported policies.
How? By providing developers, industries and governments with the best products, services and ideas to create and integrate Web GIS solutions. They build pre-defined Web GIS solutions and services using the open source software framework Geomajas.

In doing so Geosparc helps their customers unlock the full potential of spatial information on the web, contributing to a smarter, safer and more eco-friendly world.
Globis helps you streamline your processes with a state-of-the art platform as a leader in enterprise software in the mass customized supply chain.
Heetch is a ride-hailing application that only works with professional drivers. By taking the smallest commission they can offer passengers and drivers the best prices, which makes them the fairest app to use. Founded in Paris in 2013 and active in Brussels since 2017, Heetch now makes his way to the big cities of Flanders.
Helicus provides medical transport by drone ecosystem.
Helpper is a meeting place for people who need assistance for daily tasks, and neighbours who want to add to their income by helping someone in need. They help our customers build long-lasting, local relationships by giving them access to a community of screened helppers.
Helpper simplifies the collaboration by taking care of everything that is not the practical help itself.
HPE is In the Acceleration Business
IBM is one of the leading global technology and innovation companies in the world. Together with clients and partners IBM is using innovative technologies like AI and Cloud to pursue world changing progress. IBM led the industry in the number of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, security and quantum computing-related patent grants.
With more than 1400 professionals they help companies, products and projects develop further with smart, innovative, integrated and most of all challenging ICT solutions.
Immogra – Real estate developer and investor.
InnoTractor creates and implements digital technologies for a better world. Using IoT (Internet-of-Things), blockchain and the latest wireless technologies we reduce waste and emissions. They create business advantages which improve your existing business or enable new business models. Innotractor is your partner from problem definition to solution maintenance and ensures updated technology access. InnoTractor delivers IoT hardware (for sensing, actuating, hub, monitoring) with firmware, the IoT platform to capture data and manage IoT devices and can deliver the DiLLaS blockchain based ledger to share data in a trusted way and ensure service level agreement adherence.
With years of experience and in-house IT experts, Inuits build solutions to your problems with Open Source software.
iOnLogistics provides innovative software solutions for logistics, warehouse and shipping terminal management.
Building a system of connected devices presents some interesting engineering challenges. Based on your business needs, IoT solutions architects will map out the right sensor technology, hardware architecture, mobile app and cloud service elements for your IoT solution. Regardless of application, sector or level of support required, they can enable your products and devices to connect to and thrive in the IoT universe.
Jasna Rokegem is an award-winning pioneer combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. She founded Jasna Rok, the first FashionTech design lab in Belgium, which was created to reconcile advanced technologies with interactive fashion and does so by collaborating with technology partners globally. Her visionary thinking helps decision-makers in different industries imagine how to come up with more sustainable solution.
JiGSO is an AI-based solution for HR Analytics and Workforce Planning.
They connect existing HR data sources, map the skills of the entire workforce, and use machine learning to bring actionable insights at your fingertips.
Lanark – Digital Supply Chain Engineers develop and continuously re-engineer the supply chains of the future. Digital is what drives them in their work towards a fully integrated, smart network of digitised supply chains.
LinkedCar AI driven Blackbox connects your vehicle (car, e-bike) with our intuitive mobile app. Not only to show real-time data, but you can share and monetize this data. (to insurers, road-side assistance, dealers, etc) . LinkedCar – Drivers of change, creating Drivers for Life!
Logiqstar has an ERP solution based on the latest Microsoft technology. It handles the full operational and financial flow of Logistic Service Providers in several market segments.
Made is a – Design & Innovation Agency. They help companies exploring, identifying their next big idea, and designing, building impactful innovations. Track record in SmartBuilding projects combining product, digital, business and service design. Made elaborates both the creative part as the business/financial modelling implements the latest technology into phygital solution to improve unicity of the offer and improve customer experience.
Smart hardware can open new business opportunities, but if hardware is not your core business, you may be trapped in the cliché that hardware is hard. At Makerspace Antwerp, we help companies to design and develop technological solutions by designing and prototyping them, so hardware becomes doable and you can move your idea from blah-blah to boom-boom. We make innovation tangible.
We empower engineers in making data-driven decisions.
MEET HET Antwerpen offers all surveying services. They focus strongly on the newer techniques, such as 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling of objects, industrial zones, buildings from small to very large and so on.

In addition to all geometric services, they also offer estimates, place descriptions or legal boundary determination.

At The Beacon in Antwerp we profile ourselves as a mapping partner for the creation of Digital Twins.
Mensura helps employers to achieve tangible results: healthy workers, optimal working conditions and effective absenteeism prevention.
Microsoft develops, distributes, licenses and supports a wide range of computer-related products and services.
MCS is a technology specialist providing partners with products and services for IoT and private mobile networks. Enabling them to offer complete solutions to communications, remote monitoring, logging and control issues
ML6 are a team of machine learning experts who have been driving operational efficiency and value creation through self-learning systems since 2013. They believe that their uniqueness stems from their emphasis on staying on top of research, being innovative, cultivating talent and applying our research in practice. ML6 is trusted by global players in the retail & e-commerce, manufacturing, media, healthcare and financial services industry. Their company is spread across 4 locations in Europe and are a specialized machine learning partner for Google Cloud.
Mobito enables businesses to gain acccess to smart data exchange and monetization tools through an advanced Data Marketplace.
Mosmuur specialises in unique creations executed with mosses and natural materials. The team combines knowledge and passion for nature, botany, ecology and art to create exceptional projects. There are 6 low-maintenance moss wall types, all composed of a combination of reindeer moss or lichen, spherical moss, rag moss and stabilized plants. A project employee from Mosmuur will visit you on request to look at the ideal dimensions to obtain a maximum effect.
“Do more with what you have at a lower cost!”.
NVISO’s IoT security team helps its customers to introduce security in every step of the product development lifecycle. This includes design security reviews, testing products for security vulnerabilities and teaching classroom sessions on how to create secure products.
NxtPort is a Data Utility Platform which collects and pools data from various stages in the supply chain.
Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is an international smart city network that has the goal of creating and shaping the nascent global smart city data and services market.
Opus25 makes water tangible in tomorrow’s climate.
Orange Belgium provides mobile telecommunication services, internet and TV to private clients, as well as innovative mobile and fixed-line services to businesses.
The Peripass software platform fully automates and digitises access and communications of the logistics check-in process and enables you to manage different visitor flows. The yard management tool offers you a digital twin of your site, that gives a real-time overview of all trucks & trailers.
As a unique property real estate player, Quares contributes its various professional services to a high quality of living, investment, management and consulting. From under one umbrella quality philosophy, their three complementary activities bring the best from and to the market, both individually and collectively
Revive focuses on brownfield sites rather than virgin territory. The urban areas have enormous potential to transform into sustainable communities.
It is Revive’s mission to redevelop these areas into residential areas with a social, demographic and functional mix.

Throughout all projects, Revive stimulates neighbourhood participation, the use of public transport and biodiversity.
Recycling of demolition material, reuse of rainwater, reduction of waste and use of sustainable materials is always integrated in the project plan.
Robovision is an AI software company that offers an AI platform to make creating and deploying of intelligent systems easy and intuitive. They combine the latest technologies in the world of artificial intelligence and machine vision to simplify deploying AI at scale.

The Robovision platform is an AI-powered computer vision platform that enables customers to build, train, and run machine learning models for high-performance, scalable computer vision applications. The 4 main industries they focus on are Manufacturing, Food & Farm, Healthcare and Smart city.
Rombit offers end-to-end solutions for both governments and for the port sector: it connects people, assets and devices in user-friendly software.
Seafar develops technology to remotely operate unmanned ships and barges for inland shipping.
The modular platform for unified & autonomous sensor communication in every environment.
Shipnext is a digital automated shipping marketplace and network that creates efficient, secure and reliable cargo-to-ship matching, ocean and road freight trading, smart contracting and documentation flow, including for heavy, oversized, break-bulk, dry-bulk and wet-bulk cargo.Shipnext is a digital automated shipping marketplace and network that creates efficient, secure and reliable cargo-to-ship matching, ocean and road freight trading, smart contracting and documentation flow, including for heavy, oversized, break-bulk, dry-bulk and wet-bulk cargo.
Siemens Mobility provides answers to all of these questions with its comprehensive portfolio; because modern, interconnected and IT-based mobility is the core competency of its four business units: Mobility Management, Turnkey Projects & Electrification, Rolling Stock and Customer Services. They have the know-how to make road traffic flow more smoothly and quickly, make trains more environmentally friendly and efficient, make train schedules and freight shipments more reliable. Siemens Mobility develops optimal solutions to help overcome customers their challenges.
Sirus is a dynamic IT company that focuses on software consultancy, development and architecture. In need of .NET or Microsoft solutions? Sirus delivers IoE & Cloud platforms that enable smart cities, citizens and enterprises. They improve the lives of people by providing easy access to digital tools and information.
SKF delivers Bearings and Units, Seals, Services and Lubrication management for industries worldwide
Skipr is your mobility partner which combines an app to make intermodal travel easy, a mobility card to get access to any provider in the EU and a budget management platform into the first all-in-one mobility solution in Europe.
SkyeBase is the total service provider & developer that helps companies with the deployment and execution of robotic unmanned aeronautical applications with the aim to reduce costs and work more efficiently, ecologically and safely with a maximum use of smart software to obtain usable data analyses. & joined forces in 2018 to solidify our offering for the Belgian tech ecosystem at large. Together, we are the one-stop shop for tech entrepreneurship.
"Strides is a game-based experience for your team(s) that generates play and joy while delivering actionable insights.
SyncTrace is specialized in “Fieldwork-Automation”. They build and manage their own databases and systems who are located in the cloud.
Experience does matter. Now, more than ever. Telenet Business helps companies and organizations to connect in a meaningful way so they can get the most out of their data. From people to devices to systems – Telenet always tries to connect the dots in the fastest and most secure way. By embracing the endless possibilities of the digital world, Telenet helps build a better society in which people can enjoy living and working together.
The Argonauts help companies innovate and transform digitally through various processes. In this way, companies can remain meaningful in these fast-moving times. They provide innovation-as-a-service by facilitating innovation challenges, workshops and training. They do innovation journeys, labs & keynotes, business modelling & strategy and training.
The Grain helps industrial companies achieve operational excellence through applied AI in the supply chain, manufacturing, and maintenance & reliability.
The core business of The Retail Factory is counting, measuring and analysing visitors’ and passers-by’s trends and behaviours for shops, shopping centres, cities/towns and other locations where large groups of people come by.
Toqua’s goal is to apply Machine Learning to the vast amounts of data available in the maritime world. Their mission is to create models able to identify, predict and mitigate causes of inefficiencies, paving the way towards carbon-neutral shipping.
Unitron NV is a global electronic product development and manufacturing company. Specialized in robust, high-quality IoT and video equipment. Through +35 years of RF experience, Unitron provides a turnkey solution to connect sensor devices online, also in battery-powered applications. We provide optimized electronics design, components selection, casing and firmware development which can be produced in our facilities.

We have the needed experience and test facilities to obtain CE and FCC certification (EMC and electrical safety compliance).
Van Wellen Group manages, invests in and develops commercial and port-related real estate.
Verhaert integrates technology development, business model design and user centered design in an integrated IR&D service (Innovation, research and development) for both leading companies and start-ups.
Vooruitzicht represents more than 100 years of building and developing real estate in and around Antwerp. Quality is of paramount importance to them. You will find that quality in all aspects of their new-build projects. They always opt for a prime location in terms of accessibility, public transport, green spaces and parks, supermarket and shops. Combined with stylisch architecture that meets contemporary living forms and standards.
Voxdale is an expert in hardware product development. They bring your idea into a succesfull product and guide you up till transfer to production. Their team are skilled engineers, product developpers and designers with skills in mechanical, mechatronical, electronical, IoT and cloud conectivity. Experienced in building startups ourself, Voxdale can also support you in giving advice and find funding. And for all hardware prototyping needs, Voxdale has a top notch workshop with all modern prototyping machines available. They work across sectors, from medtech over mobility, industry, energy, agro and foodtech.
Zero Friction is an accessible, scalable and affordable cloud platform for heat suppliers and building managers. You can use the platform for both small and large projects. You can use the platform in no time without a large investment.