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Service Integrator in Track & Trace solutions.
AI-Blox wants to make edge intelligence easy.
AllThingsTalk markets a scalable IoT Application Enablement platform which can be used as an agile, rapid prototyping environment, as well as for full service roll-out of connected products. It is called AllThingsTalk Cloud.
At AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp, approximately 16,000 individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and showcasing their innate abilities.
BDO Digital provides the business intelligence to translate IoT data into real business value through Advanced analytics and AI as part of a broader IoT partner ecosystem. They provide solutions for Industry 4.0, Transportation & Logistics, Construction and Smart Cities.
Bopro – a company regulated by the RICS [Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors] – manages your most complex real estate and building projects, and is responsible for achieving your objectives in terms of sustainability, quality, timing and budget. As an independent partner in the project team, they defend your interests at all times.
B_Robots stands for Business Robots and was founded end of 2017. We are a Belgian tech company that specializes in process automation.
CactusSoft provided in a remote set-up traditionally consulting and digital engineering services to realize innovative ideas.
Cadis is a specialist in preventive leak detection, consumption monitoring and BREAAM water leak prevention systems. Our services range from design to maintenance. We complement our portfolio of quality products with in-house developed electronics and IoT sensors. Serving clients all over Europe for over 20 years, we have all the skills and tools in hand to offer our clients a suitable solution for their specific challenges.
Cegeka is a European family-owned IT company. Their IT experts provide end-to-end IT solutions, services & consultancy In Close Cooperation with their clients.
At Codit we want to help make the world an even smarter place.
Cortlex is a software product development and consulting company focused on digital transformation services headquartered in Lithuania. Using deep business understanding and broad tech expertise and skills, we help our clients future-proof their business and compete in a digital-first world.
Crowdscan measures crowds while respecting the privacy of the individual.
Cubitec is an agile tech start-up from Antwerp. They build innovative technology platforms and develop tailor-made software solutions. Cubitec is a software agency that connects digital systems and unlocks the power of your data.
Datacenter United is a Belgian provider of high quality datacenter services. Under the label Datacenter United & DC Star qualitative datacenter solutions are put in the market. With 6 datacenter locations in Belgium, two of which are located in the port of Antwerp, one at Zwijndrecht, in Gent, in Bruges and one in Zaventem, we are the ideal local partner for the outsourcing of your infrastructure. Each location is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, ISAE3402 (SAS70) and PCI DSS certified. In Antwerp we can also offer the ultimate high-quality of a Tier IV facility. Interested? Check out and get in touch.
Dataroots is a leading Belgian AI company with headquarters in Leuven and offices in Ghent and Brussels. It was founded in 2016 by data scientists Bart Smeets and Jonas Tundo and now has more than 90 employees. Dataroots is mainly active in Belgium but is gradually conquering other European countries.
DIGI-FLOW focuses on supporting complete end-to-end industrial transformations. They stand for Engineering, Consulting and Solutions. From Industry to Smart Industry (4.0) by enriching existing platforms with various new technologies including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,…
a leader in pioneering autonomous control and advanced situational awareness software technology for the maritime, civil and security industry
Faktion empowers organizations by operationalizing artificial intelligence.
Location is everywhere. GIM solutions provide companies, authorities and NGOs with clear insights to support their activities and future plans.
Geosparc supports cities, municipalities and companies towards effective, smart and supported policy.

Gain insight into complex data with geo-components, total insight into your data in real-time, predictability of the impact of policy decisions, approaches to make infrastructure profitable and more.
Glass-Link enables reliable, real-time, long-rage IoT control and monitoring.
Google Cloud is on the mission to accelerate every organization's ability to transform through data powered innovation with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise for digital transformation.
Graymatics is a leading cognitive multimedia processing company leveraging the best and deepest of AI technologies for extracting deep insights and enabling compelling solutions around installed CCTV base. We were founded in Silicon Valley, and currently headquartered in Singapore, with various active markets globally. Our principal industry verticals include Smart Cities & Transportation, Smart Buildings & Factories and Smart Bank & Retail.
HPE is In the Acceleration Business
Hyperfox streamlines and automates flows between large organisations with many stakeholders in the Maritime, Real Estate Management and Construction industry.
Immogra – Real estate developer and investor.
Infofarm is your partner for transforming your company into a data-driven organization. We match strategy thinking with technical skills to help you in building sustainable and future-proof Data Platforms, while delivering value from your data with Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence techniques.
We are a complete delivery organization that designs and builds digital products and platforms from end to end.
At Iristick, we design, manufacture and support smart glasses that enable hands-free communication and information sharing for the deskless workforce in various industries. Iristick smart glasses are being used globally for remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance, pick-by-vision and videoconferencing. We also support NGOs with telemedicine equipment in most underserved parts of the world, enabling teleconsultation and remote expert guidance in rural areas. Our award-winning smart glasses are the most balanced and lightweight on the market, and they seamlessly connect with both iOS and Android smartphones.
For more information, visit the Iristick website, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Lab Box is a Belgian start-up studio focusing on the future of mobility. Lab Box has the ambition to promote and develop new mobility solutions that will make cities more liveable and enjoyable in the future.
MAHI delivers state-of-the-art and turnkey situational awareness, collision avoidance and communication solutions for unmanned surface vessels and crewed vessels.
Maritime Engineering Services (MES) offers nautical consultancy to smart startups and teams.
Microsoft develops, distributes, licenses and supports a wide range of computer-related products and services.
Mileviewer is the universal adapter that shippers and logistic service providers use to integrate data and applications into a unified communication stream.
Miles Ahead
mintBlue offers tools to enterprise to connect the blockchain for an enhanced product offering.
MCS is a technology specialist providing partners with products and services for IoT and private mobile networks. Enabling them to offer complete solutions to communications, remote monitoring, logging and control issues
ML6 are a team of machine learning experts who have been driving operational efficiency and value creation through self-learning systems since 2013. They believe that their uniqueness stems from their emphasis on staying on top of research, being innovative, cultivating talent and applying our research in practice. ML6 is trusted by global players in the retail & e-commerce, manufacturing, media, healthcare and financial services industry. Their company is spread across 4 locations in Europe and are a specialized machine learning partner for Google Cloud.
NCS Systems is a system integrator of industrial computer technology and IoT solutions.
Neanex believes data driven asset insights today enable the sustainable built environment of tomorrow. Large asset owners active in infrastructure, utilities, renewables, real estate, industry, airports,... use Neanex ' digital asset platform to improve efficiency, productivity and lower costs in design, construction and operations. Neanex has a unique data driven & off the shelf way to combine, enrich & pass on data from different sources across different tools, teams & lifecycles.
NVISO’s IoT security team helps its customers to introduce security in every step of the product development lifecycle. This includes design security reviews, testing products for security vulnerabilities and teaching classroom sessions on how to create secure products.
NTT Ltd. enables business outcomes for clients through global managed services for networking, data center, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud communications.
Pàu is your partner for mid to long term digital projects. Our team consist of different profiles ranging from conceptual UX over frontend/javascript developers to experienced backend developers.we design and build the product from your user’s perspective. With a full range of digital services–from digital strategy to developing platform-specific apps–we can help you go from idea to implementation in fixed-price sprints.
A global tech group that delivers end-to-end tech solutions through a global delivery model. At Positive Thinking Company, They aim to create positive business outcomes that support Their clients through their ever-changing business environments so they can thrive in our global economy.
As a unique property real estate player, Quares contributes its various professional services to a high quality of living, investment, management and consulting. From under one umbrella quality philosophy, their three complementary activities bring the best from and to the market, both individually and collectively
Custom-made AI solutions with an MLOps focus for large organisations.
Rombit Studio offers end-to-end solutions for both governments and for the port sector: it connects people, assets and devices in user-friendly software.
Schréder is a world leader in smart street lighting solutions.
Securitas is a world-leading safety and security solutions partner that helps make your world a safer place.
We are SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company.
Siemens Digital Industries is an innovation and technology leader in industrial automation and digitalization.
SINC aims to inspire, inform and activate students to have a more entrepreneurial mindset.
Sirus is a dynamic IT company that focuses on software consultancy, development and architecture. In need of .NET or Microsoft solutions? Sirus delivers IoE & Cloud platforms that enable smart cities, citizens and enterprises. They improve the lives of people by providing easy access to digital tools and information.
SkyeBase supports asset owners and maintenance managers in industry, container terminals, and infrastructure by combining Drones and AI.
We are strategists, entrepreneurs and engineers who you’ll find making change rather than talking about it.
Unikoo is a multidisciplinary center-of-expertise focusing on growth companies and innovative SMEs.
Think of UZE Energy as the quirky superhero of EV charging.
Vintecc is a software company that focuses on machine software with an expertise in vision, robotics and controls. is a high-tech location intelligence company that brings its users actionable business insights through a cloud-based SaaS platform for visualizing and analyzing big movement data from any moving assets, such as vehicles or vessels, or time series data from non-moving sensors, such as video cameras, air quality and noise pollution sensors.
Yunex Traffic: We launch cities into the future.