COOCK Smart Port 2025: Modelling in practice

About this event


Technical experts in the field of modelling, theory and mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.


(1) Introduction to model building, inductive vs. deductive, structure vs. behavior, experimental/validity frame, simulation formalisms, optimization;

(2) Modeling, simulation and optimization of physical systems using the Modelica language (and the OpenModelica tool). This includes parameter estimation and the design of a simple optimal (PID) controller.

(3) Modeling of non-determinism with the Petri net formalism for the purpose of (safety) analysis, by model checking. This includes a brief introduction to temporal logic (LTL, CTL, STL) to specify temporal properties with.

(4) Modeling, simulating and synthesizing code for autonomous, reactive and time dependent systems using the Statecharts formalism (and the Yakindu tool).

(5) Modeling, simulation and optimization of "resource constrained" (leading to queues, underutilization of capacity, ...) with Discrete Event Specification (DEVS) formalism (and the PythonPDEVS tool).

(6) Presentation and testimonial by Macomi

In all content blocks, referrals will be made to tangible and real examples in the port and logistics industry.


Prof. Hans Vangheluwe (University of Antwerp)

Macomi (IT services and consulting)


The session is free and open to the public, upon registration.

This event is organized in the framework of the COOCK Smart Port 2025 project. This three-year program, funded by VLAIO, aims at disseminating the vast knowledge that the University of Antwerp and Imec have in terms of Model-Based Systems Engineering Artificial Intelligence, to the port and logistics community in Flanders. As part of this project, The Beacon is organizing activities and events at which tech companies, port, and logistics operators, and academia are represented.